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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Hello, everyone—

We are six months away from our PCH Toy Loading and Delivery Event that we hold every year on the Saturday before Christmas. The date for this year's get together benefiting the kids in PCH is slated for Saturday, December 19.

However, with the COVID-19 virus still running rampant through our personal lives and our society, our plans for holding our Toy Loading and Delivery Event are in flux.

This event, which we hold every year, is so important for all the children you bring, as the adults pass on to the younger generation the importance of giving back to those less fortunate than themselves — in this case children battling life-threatening disease, traumatic injuries, and in some sad cases, abuse.

The generosity you provide for the kids is so important in their recovery process because, as we all know, having a positive attitude benefits everyone and helps us attain all our life's goals.

This positive attitude also helps children attain their goals as they work in physical therapy to recover from their surgery and injuries.

So as we approach our Christmas Season and our Loading and Delivery Event, please know that all safety precautions will be taken, if we are able to hold our annual event.

If we are unable to hold the event, we will hold it as soon as guidelines allow and PCH can start receiving gifts.

Check back here regularly for updates, and until we meet again, we hope you and your family and your friends stay safe and healthy.

And while I have your attention, why not hit the "Donate" button and send in a tax-deductible donation for the kids right now? (Think of all the money you golfers are saving by not having that cocktail at the 19th hole! Can I talk you into sending some of that saved cocktail money to the kids … today?)

Thank You,
Brian Billideau
Smiles 4 Sick Children