COVID-19 Update

Covid-19 update

Hello, everyone—

I am happy to report that Phoenix Children’s Hospital has relaxed their policy of not receiving new toys for the kids and because of this S4SC will be holding a May Day event whereby we will be delivering a Mountain of Legos and Puzzles to PCH on Saturday May 1, 2021. Even though the Covid 19 Virus is still with us the numbers are low enough and the threat of transmission is at a point where PCH feels comfortable in receiving new toys for the kids.

So Please send in your donation today by using our Pay Pal Button throughout this web site or by mailing your financial donation to the address listed on our Donation page, or by dropping off your In Kind Donation of Lego’s to the same address.

So many hundreds of hospitalized kids in PCH went without new toys this past Christmas Season that we here at S4SC and you as our donors are hoping to make up for the shortfall and help all the young children who will be spending Spring and Summer days hospitalized. PLEASE, Donate Today for our May Day Lego’s event.

The generosity you provide for the kids is so important in their recovery process because, as we all know, having a positive attitude benefits everyone and helps us attain all our life’s goals.

This positive attitude also helps children attain their goals as they work in physical therapy to recover from their surgery and injuries.

Check back here regularly for updates, and until we meet again, we hope you and your family and your friends stay safe and healthy.

And while I have your attention, why not hit the “Donate” button and send in a tax-deductible donation for the kids right now? (Think of all the money you golfers are saving by not having that cocktail at the 19th hole! Can I talk you into sending some of that saved cocktail money to the kids … today?)

Thank You,
Brian Billideau
Smiles 4 Sick Children

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