The Story of Smiles

Smiles 4 Sick Children (S4SC) came to be by asking friends if they would donate new unwrapped toys for the sick, hurt and in some cases abused children in Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH) along with the Flagstaff Medical Center (FMC) and other hospitals that treat and help heal children. Since that first fall season eight years ago through the Christmas Toy drive of 2020, S4SC has now been able to donate over 29,000 new toys and gifts benefiting the kids in Phoenix area Hospitals.

Our charitable organization got its roots back in the early 1990s to honor the life of a young girl who passed away many years too early. Through this charity we honor her memory.

She is remembered by us every single day and through her death we hope that a positive story, one of hope and recovery for sick, hurt and abused children, can take place from the memory of a beautiful young girl.

God called her home, and in so doing, left me to navigate living in a very deep dark hole. The pain from being a part in a child’s death is at times overwhelming and unimaginable, and this pain goes to a person’s core, and I know it will last a lifetime.

So to honor her life I founded Smiles 4 Sick Children (S4SC) with the knowledge that when a sick or hurt child smiles from the simple act of receiving a new toy or gift from a total stranger, a young girl also smiles in Heaven.

I am hoping you will join thousands of your friends and family members and neighbors who are making a difference in a sick or hurt young child’s life through the simple act of donating new toys, which we all hope will help in the recovery and the healing process of these children.

And as we enter our eighth year collecting new toys and financial donations, we hope you’ll join the many people in your community helping to brighten a young child’s life as they battle disease and injuries. Please take just a few minutes, use our Donate Button, and make your donation for sick, hurt and abused children … today!

It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s a fulfilling and rewarding experience knowing a child is smiling due to the generosity of a total stranger. These children you help may never know you, but they will never forget the generosity bestowed on them from a total stranger. We look forward to receiving your financial or in kind donation today as we all provide … Smiles 4 Sick Children.

Brian Billideau
Smiles 4 Sick Children