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The group picture you see throughout our site are our Christmas Elves who helped form two conga lines and pass all these toys out to the waiting vehicles for delivery to the hospital. Will you volunteer this year to help load and be in next year’s group photo? We at S4SC hope so.

As we work to gather donations for the kids at PCH again this year it’s important for your S4SC team to include and get involved as many of your children and grandchildren as possible in our efforts. As you see in our group photo from last year we had approximately a dozen young children help in the loading and delivery process. These kids, through the help of their parents and grandparents are learning the lessons of giving back, of helping those less fortunate than themselves, and later in life they will be leading their philanthropic causes that will help society. All children and grandchildren are Welcome to help in our efforts.

So get your children and grandchildren involved. Their friends can pool their money to buy a new toy for a child the same age as them, purchase a toy or a bike that they would like to have and give it to a sick child, place a donation jar in their class room and all the students decide on what type of toy to buy with the money raised, or get different school groups; choir, band, science, honor society etc., to form and run their own toy drive throughout the school and in their neighborhoods.

When you think about it there are so many ways to provide…Smiles 4 Sick Children


Display of Toys for Donation

With this year’s goal of raising 5000 toys we’ll need more help and vehicles than ever before, and to make this year’s toy drive the success we know it can be, we are asking you to help us spread the word about Smiles 4 Sick Children by sharing our site with everyone in your address book, on Facebook and other social media platforms asking them to donate.

This is a really GREAT cause, knowing you’re placing a SMILE on a sick child’s face and brightening their day as they fight many different life threatening diseases and debilitating injuries. I would ask you to think of these kids as they lay in their hospital beds away from Mom & Dad, their siblings and pets and friends, and facing the many challenges that are before them, and how the simple act of receiving a new toy can help in their healing process.

You can be a part of that healing process.


I recently received new child care numbers from PCH and you can see by these staggering results the need to provide Smiles 4 Sick Children is greater than ever.

In 2015 PCH had:

237,514 Outpatient Visits
80,514 ER Visits
18,773 Inpatient Admissions
16,491 Surgical Cases

Over Eighteen Thousand kids were admitted to the Hospital last year and over Sixteen Thousand of these kids needed surgery! Simply put, we need to provide a lot of Smiles as these above numbers will be repeated this year and again in 2018…and with your support and generosity you can help, through a simple Smile, in these kids healing process.

On behalf of the Children and their Parents. Thank You!

Thank You,
Brian Billideau
Smiles 4 Sick Children

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